EWC2022 Entrepreneurship World Cup Finalists

Finalists EWC 2022 - January 2023

Sensactive Technology has been among the ten chosen for the national final of the Entrepeneurship World Cup held in January 2023.

What is the Entrepeneurship World Cup?

The EWC, or Global Entrepreneurship Competitionis an initiative created in 2019 by GEN (Global Entrepreneurship Network), MISK Global Forum and tGELF (The Global Education & Leadership Foundation) with the aim of discovering, recognising and supporting entrepreneurs around the world so that they can make the most of their potential.

Competition is also a way to attract investors and help companies grow and expand internationally. In a nutshell, the EWC is a platform to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.The EU's role is to promote economic development and technological progress.

EWC2022 in Andalusia

The Entrepeneurship World Cup is held annually, with national finals where the project is chosen to represent its country at the global gala.

In this national (Spain) edition on 11 January 2023, ten finalists were selected: Sensactive Technology, Blowind, ExamenExam, GENAQ, genengine, Medicsen, Go Ahedad Engineering, Minifunkids, Vestigia Blockchain and DSruptive.

This year's EWC, held in Seville, was a golden opportunity for Andalusian entrepreneurs to show their potential and contribute to the economic development of the region through the creation of new companies and the implementation of advanced technologies.

As José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, Councillor for University, Research and Innovation, rightly said:

"Technological innovation is an indispensable lever for the transformation of the Andalusian productive system"..

Sensactive Technology at the EWC

Sensactive Technology is deeply proud to be one of the ten finalists of this edition of the EWC. The global entrepreneurship competition is a very valuable platform to showcase our technology and commitment to innovation in Spain and Andalusia. We thank the EWC for giving us the opportunity to present our project.

At Sensactive Technology we are dedicated to developing technologies for real-time water monitoring. We believe that technological innovation is key to improving people's quality of life and protecting the environment.

We are committed to continue researching and innovating to improve water monitoring and contribute to the care of our planet and the health of the population. We are very motivated to continue working in this field and we are looking forward to seeing how Water Biosense helps to improve people's lives and protect the environment.