Whether you are a public or private company, your activity is directly or indirectly related to the industrial water cycle and is sensitive to its treatment and health, our innovative system for continuous and automatic detection of the presence of levels of microbiological agents of interest or pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, protozoa,...) in any type of water, it will provide you with an early warning and continuous monitoring system that will allow you to make decisions about public health measures or consumption in real time.

Low cost, high sensitivity and specificity
Easy installation
Low maintenance
Continuous real-time detection, remotely programmable
Telematic data supervision and data management.
Personalized development by scientific-technical team
Environs of river systems, storm sewers, sewage, drinking water, salt water, ornamental fountains,...
Avoiding the need for frequent sampling personnel and reducing laboratory analysis costs.

The device has, from the manufacturer, Sensactive technology, the warranty period required by European legislation, 3 years from the date of installation by an approved entity, including the replacement and replacement of defective parts. For warranty coverage during this period, Water biosense must always be serviced by an approved company and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. There is the possibility of extending the guarantee (ask us).

Water biosense is approved, certified and validated, complying with applicable regulatory standards and quality requirements as a biotechnological device for its intended purpose. For detailed information, please refer to the device datasheet for its different models and references.

To select the most suitable Water biosense model, the environment and type of water where the measurement is to be carried out must be taken into account, since the characteristics of the water determine the requirements of the equipment and its specifications. Water biosense automatically samples and processes water to determine its suitability for continuous, programmable, stand-alone analysis. Sensactive's technical team will help you choose the most suitable equipment for your needs. If you cannot find it among the models and references on the market, Sensactive's technological development team will be able to provide you with a personalized solution for your case.

To the microorganisms of interest currently developed by Sensactive for detection with Water biosense, we will gradually add new detections of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa or any protein entity) that arise or are of sanitary or environmental interest, as well as any other agent of interest to our customers. Innovation and continuous development by Sensactive's team of experts are the commitment to provide a continuous solution to the problems of microorganisms present in the water.

Water biosense is designed for the simple detection of microorganisms in water, being possible in some models the coupling in series or parallel of different multiple simultaneous detections. In this way, it is possible to have a single device at a specific point of measurement of several simultaneous agents of interest. Consult the Sensactive technical team to study and advise you on the optimal options in each case.

Water biosense is designed for the detection of microorganisms in one or more water sampling points, being possible in some models the serial coupling of up to 5 nearby sampling points. In this way, it is possible to have a single device installed to measure several points (reservoirs, deposits, confluences, zones, flows,...). Consult the Sensactive technical team to study and advise you on the optimal options in each case.

The initial installation and start-up of the Water biosense equipment is carried out by a team of specialized technicians provided by Sensactive technology. The equipment, once in the client's facilities, at the price of a previous study, will be sent to the technicians, who will be in charge of the installation, start-up and necessary maintenance.

The specific sensors of water biosensors can be changed or modified at any time, to obtain the measurement and recording of the agents of interest at any time. The change of the biosensor chamber that contains the nanoimmunoparticles can be carried out by the client after a minimum technical training by our team of operators. Sensactive's technical team advises clients on the best option.

The monitoring of the recorded data is displayed graphically by the Sensactive manager online control system, which offers the possibility to control the Water biosense and obtain continuous information on the measured data, which has been validated and approved in the laboratory. Despite their technical validity and usefulness in data interpretation, they currently do not replace the measurements that the legislation of each country requires by classic microbiological (culture) or molecular (PCR) methods, being a complementary method by immunological semiquantitative . Techniques of great preventive value.

Our team of experts and technical professionals in innovation and development, both engineers and biochemists, advise each client according to their possibilities and needs, to offer the solutions that best suit them. Water biosense is a flexible device adaptable to any environment for the programmable detection of multiple agents of interest, through Water biosense technology. Do not hesitate to contact Sensactive to offer you a custom development.

The price of Water biosense depends on the model and specific specifications of each client, being innovative technological equipment with presence in the international market and without competition, which through economic prices, offer a solution of great value. The equipment can be purchased as property or through payment for service, depending on the most interesting option for each client. Contact Sensactive technology and our sales team will provide you with the best offer adapted to your needs.

Water biosense can be programmed by each user, from Sensactive manager, to adjust the parameters of automatic analysis frequency, warning and alarm systems, and any other communication between user and equipment, with an intuitive displayable system in which the results are displayed of the measurements and the control of the equipment are shown.

Sensactive experts will train end users to learn about the functionality of the Water biosense manager control and monitoring system, which offers extensive possibilities for programming, customization and automation, in order to get the most out of the measurement and control of the water parameters.

Depending on the equipment that best suits your needs, our availability in stock and the technical characteristics required for installation in your facilities, our technical team will inform you in advance of the guaranteed delivery and start-up times.